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I’m trying something a little different today, and instead of sharing an OOTD, I wanted to talk about my experience with healing stones.

A month ago, I learned of a new brand, Roc Me Baby. I spoke with Lauran Code, one of the founders of the company, and she explained what healing stones are, how they worked, and what each stone is known to help with. Here is what I learned:

What are healing stones?
It is believed that natural gemstones and crystals (like amethyst, quartz, pearls and jade, just to name a few) have healing properties. Ancient civilizations utilized these stones to not only heal, but to release mental, physical and spiritual blockages.

How do they work?
On a cellular level, the human body and quartz crystals are comprised of the same mineral component, silicon dioxide. This mineral connection allows our bodies to be receptive to the vibrations of gemstones and crystals as they transmit, reflect and receive energy. When crystals are placed directly on your body, they have a powerful vibratory effect that surges from the crystal to you.

How long do healing stones take to work?
Wear your healing bracelets for at least 21 days straight, only removing them to shower. You will start to feel a difference after just 4 days.

What makes Roc Me Baby’s crystal bracelets special?
Roc Me Baby created a line of products that unifies the mind, body and connection with beauty, fashion and crystal healing. They are the only crystal healing jewelry brand that is made with real Swarovski crystal accents, so there’s an elegant touch of bling and sparkle in each bracelet!

Are there any do’s and don’ts for crystal healing?
Do “activate” the stones before you wear your healing bracelets. The easiest way to activate your healing stones is to first hold them under running water while imagining all bad energies of yourself and your crystals running down the drain. You will instinctively know when to stop. Next, pat your bracelets dry, then hold them in your dominant hand with your other hand around it. Picture what you want your stones to help, heal or fix. Keep repeating these things until your instincts tell you when to stop. And voila, your healing stones have been activated.

Don’t wear gold. Lauran cautioned against wearing any (real) gold jewelry on the same hand as the healing stones because the energy of gold will cancel out the energy of the stones. Note: I tried verifying this with online sources, but other articles said wearing gold is okay since it is a conductor of energy. I really didn’t know who to believe, but I opted to remove my gold-plated rings as Lauran suggested while I ran my “test” with the bracelets.

What does each gemstone do or heal?
You can read about the different gemstones and their healing properties here.

Which healing stones did you wear?
I chose Howlite, which relieves anxiety, tension and intense emotions, bringing calm and relaxation. I wanted to see if it would help the tension I keep in my neck and shoulders from daily stress.

I also chose Rose Quartz. This stone is known as the “Love Stone” and helps you learn to love yourself, as well as helping receive love from somebody else. I’m currently navigating the tricky road that is online dating, so I figured anything that could potentially help me in my search for love couldn’t hurt!

What about their nail polish? What’s that about?
Roc Me Baby makes the only 9-FREE nail lacquer in the USA. This means it is free of formaldehyde, lead, xylene, dibutylphthalate (DBP), ethyl tosylamide, toluene, camphor, formaldeyde resin and parabens, making these polishes the healthiest option on the market today.

Each polish comes infused with Quartz, a master healer stone that enhances energy. It’s great to pair with their bracelets because the quartz will enhance those stones’ healing qualities, but you have the option to also change the crystal infusion when you go to add your polish color to your cart.

This crystal healing thing sounds like a whole bunch of hippie stuff to me.
I can’t say I blame you. I totally was a complete skeptic, too, when Lauran was explaining this all to me! But I’ve been trying to live by the “try everything once” mantra, so I gave the bracelets and quartz-infused polish a shot. Following her instructions to the letter, I activated my stones, removed 2 of my favorite gold rings on my left hand for 3 weeks (since that’s the arm I wore my bracelets on) and let the crystals do their thing.

So did the bracelets and polish actually work??
Possibly??? It could have been just a coincidence, but within 4 days of putting on my rose quartz bracelet and wearing my quartz-infused polish, I got a message from a guy on an online dating site that was actually normal. (Any woman who is or has tried her hand at online dating will know what this means.) A bunch of messages and phone calls led to a great first date, but unfortunately, this story ended as quickly as it began. That guy and I were not right for each other, hence why I said that crystal healing only possibly worked for me. If nothing else, though, I do consider this to be a (stylish) step in the right direction!

I can’t say I noticed a difference at all with the howlite bracelet at all. The tension in my neck and shoulder region is still very much there, womp womp, but at least my wrist feels pretty with a marble-like stone bracelet on it. 🙂

The nail polish is a definite winner! Though they are on the pricier side at $22 each, the formula really lasts. My manicure in their grey color lasted for 7 full days and had only minor chipping. I hope Roc Me Baby creates a white polish color soon, because that’s the one color I really want from them!


Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts on crystal healing! If any of you have tried it before, please leave a comment… I’d love to hear if it worked for you. XO

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