Adela Mei: A New Online Store for Petites

This post is for all of my petite readers out there who, like me, loves online shopping but hates how frustrating it can be to find something that fits right out of the box.

When I shop online, a lot of factors go into my decision to take a chance and make a purchase. The usual litany of questions I ask myself goes something like this:

  • How tall is the model, and how do her measurements compare to my own?
  • Judging from how the garment fits her, does it have a chance at fitting me?
  • Will the style of this piece be flattering on me?
  • What’s the likelihood it will need alterations?
  • How much is this garment?
  • If I had to get alterations, is it still worth it?

If those sound familiar to you, then keep on reading, because there’s a new store in town for women 5’4″ and under!

Adela Mei is an online boutique dedicated to selling clothing for petite women. Every effort is made to ensure an easy shopping experience, starting with only using petite models. So, if a midi skirt actually fits like a midi skirt on an Adela Mei model, it will most likely be a midi on you, too! Specific measurements on each size are given on most of their selection, taking the guesswork out of knowing what size you’ll be. Useful tips on the fit are also given (e.g. “better for bustier girls” and “size down for closer fit”) making you feel like a Sales Associate is right there with you, helping you find that perfect item.

Sasha and Stacy, the owners of Adela Mei, have experienced the pain of shopping as a petite fashion lovers too many times, and that’s why they set out to create this store. Before any items hit the virtual shelves, they personally try on every item, making sure the hemlines, waistlines and lengths all fall where they should, and the style looks good on different petite body types.

With many of the usual sizing questions answered, that the only thing left for a petite shopper to do is to find a style she likes and decide if it will be flattering on her. To that end, I asked Sasha and Stacy if they had any style tips or do’s/don’ts for the vertically challenged, and they stressed that dressing for height isn’t as important as dressing to enhance your shape. As stated on their blog, Adela Mei doesn’t believe in rules. “It all boils down to proportion, fit and what looks good on your body type — not with your height. Focus on your legs, shoulders, bust, etc. and how clothing fits and flatters them.” (Read more of their petite styling tips here.)

My personal picks:

Modern Art Mini Dress
I love the fun print of this dress and how the color blocked side panels will help define the waistline. Combined with the flared skirt, this dress is perfect for the petite girls out there who want to create the illusion of more curves!

Half Moon Short
The half-moon shape of these shorts will elongate your legs.

Sugar Cane Dress
The pleats and clean lines make this dress incredibly unique! I love how the waist is also defined here using the pleating detail.

Artefact Tank
I mean, really. Do I even need to say how cool this top is? 🙂

Sweatshirt Dress
As a girl who is a big fan of minimalism and comfort, this dress is a perfect blend of casual and chic. Belted or unbelted, this dress is a winner!

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